Speler van de Maand februari 2013: Mike Schachtner

31 mrt 2013 - Speler van de maand februari lees verder

Speler van de Maand januari 2013: Ross Bekkering

28 feb 2013 - Speler van de maand januari lees verder

Speler van de Maand december 2012: Worthy de Jong

11 jan 2013 - Speler van de Maand december 2012 lees verder

Speler van de Maand november 2012: Arvin Slagter

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Speler van de Maand oktober 2012: Tony Gallo

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Danny Gibson

15 nov 2009 - 7 matches, one team, one winner. This month Danny Gibson was chosen as the player of the month. Coming from Madison, Indiana, USA, he was playing for Indiana, Nördlingen Germany and now for ZZ Leiden, The Netherlands. During high school Danny always played basketbal and American football. Finally he choose for basketbal and played for three years in Germany. He misses his mother, sister (27) and girlfriend but is happy that his girlfriend came to visit him in Leiden and that she will come again in february 2010. He feels really welcome in the Netherlands and Leiden. He feels at home and even tries some Dutch food now and then. He prefers it above the German food. lees verder

Monta McGee

15 okt 2009 - Every month fans of ZZ Leiden vote their player of the month. This month Monta McGhee received most of the votes. Monta was born in Chicago on 11-11-1979. He's a forward and his length is 1.98 meter. He has a daughter called Makiyah who is one year old now. Besides basketball he also spend his time playing videogames and watching many sports. Favorites are hockey, baseball, football and basketball of course. And when this is all getting too much he doesn't mind laying back and relax. lees verder

Seamus Boxley

15 feb 2009 - lees verder

JS Nash

15 jan 2009 - Without any doubt he is chosen as player of the month january: JS Nash. How does he feel about it? "Honored I mean, if you are player of the month it means that a lot of people appreciate how you play basketball and each game goes better and better and I mean not just as an individual but also as a team. Because if I get better in the right way than the team gets better." lees verder

Johan Kuiper

15 dec 2008 - Met een brede glimlach schuift Johan 'Big man' Kuijper bij ons aan voor het speler-van-de-maand interview. lees verder

Speler van de Maand oktober 2008: Joey Schelvis

15 okt 2008 - De stemmen voor speler van de maand Oktober zijn inmiddels geteld.
Meer dan de helft van de stemmen kwamen op naam van Joey Schelvis 
terecht. afgelopen maandag toog een delegatie van de Devils naar de 5-mei hal. lees verder