Danny Gibson

15 november 2009

7 matches, one team, one winner. This month Danny Gibson was chosen as the player of the month. Coming from Madison, Indiana, USA, he was playing for Indiana, Nördlingen Germany and now for ZZ Leiden, The Netherlands. During high school Danny always played basketbal and American football. Finally he choose for basketbal and played for three years in Germany. He misses his mother, sister (27) and girlfriend but is happy that his girlfriend came to visit him in Leiden and that she will come again in february 2010. He feels really welcome in the Netherlands and Leiden. He feels at home and even tries some Dutch food now and then. He prefers it above the German food.
Danny also find the fans different compared to their neighbours. "The fans here are always supporting. Cheering and getting you through the hard moments. They make a lot of noise and keep standing behind the team. Even when they are behind."

Danny is surprised with the nickname he get from the fans. Speedy Danny is new for him but he enjoys it.

He also tries to be the best guard of the field but has a hard job on Torey Thomas (Nijmegen) and Robby Bostain (Groningen.) His best mate in the team is Monta McGhee, they played together in Germany and Monta is also the one who asked Danny to come to play for Leiden. Now in Leiden he also tries to be a coach for players as Joey Schelvis and Rogillio Sewrattan. He is not only talking about how to play on that position but also about the pressure in the matches. It's a responsible job for him but he is happy that get this chance.

Although he take this chance is also hoping to once play in the top of the Euroleague. For example for a country like Spain, Greece or Italy. He is young and wants to play as high as possible. And he is very lucky to play without any injuries. "I always train hard and continue this in summer to stay fit. I'm careful of my body and take good care of it."

Of course it's not only basketball. He also says he is good at the playstation. Popular games (of course) are basketball and American football. And he says he mostly win from Monta, so we are talking here with a winner. And a winner he wants to be.

He really hopes to win the title this season with Leiden. When the team will be free of injuries he really think they make a chance. But then is has to go perfect and everything has to go well at the right moments. "That won't be easy but it's worth fighting for".      

With just one more week to go he can't wait to go back to America to celebrate Christmas with his girlfriend and family. During this small holiday he wants to enjoy christmasdinner but also continue practising for the second half of the competition. "I want to come back better for the second half."

We wish Danny happy days and all the best for next year.