Een bijzondere ontmoeting

17 januari 2012

Enkele maanden terug ontvingen we onderstaand verhaal van de Jack Verboon. Hij heeft familie in Boise wonen en heeft daar regelmatig contact mee maar het bericht in dit mailtje was wel heel grappig.
You will be soooooooo surprised who I met today! I was at work and this really tall man came in the Hospital with his wife. I helped them and asked the man if he played basketball because he was sooooo tall. He said not now, but I've played a lot. When I asked him where he played, he said HOLLAND!!! Then I asked if he know ZZ Leiden and he looked at me with surprise on his face! And said YES! thats the team I played for. He is Jesse! His wife Michelle Smith remembers talking to you! She said you were sending me a message while you were talking to her. They both said, "we know Jack" then I told them you were my cousin. They were so amazed and so am I! What a small world it is. When you first told me about them, I know you said that they lived in Boise, but Boise is a big city, I thought I'll never have the chance to meet them, and WOW there they were at the Hospital where I work! Jesse said he misses Holland and wants to come back.